Living to build eternity

Collin Cooper

Collin Cooper is a Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and the Founder of Philosophical Rambler. Collin's personal work has been viewed online over three million times, across 60 countries.
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Collin resides in Carmel, Indiana where he enjoys spending time in nature, playing his Martin guitar, and creating content to impact people across the world. He has a passion for folk music, classic art, debate, literature, and overall high culture and refined living.

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Writing For Eternity

Philosophical Rambler is the premier publication for traditionalist thought in Philosophy, Christianity, Literature, and Lifestyle. PR strives to amplify the finest voices from around the world, as tradition makes its final stand against the destruction of truth.


Collin is an Amazon Philosophy Aesthetics #55 Bestselling Author, which was achieved by his debut chapbook "Time Eternal". He has recieved a certificate in Introductory Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh. His work has been read by Dr. Liz McKinnell, Steven Colborne, Christopher Satoor, Rusell Walter, Anita Leirfall, and Naval.


In the world of Christianity, Theology, and Apologetics, Collin has been read by Steve Poe, Micah Davis, Lee Strobel, J. Warner Wallace, and Austin Suggs of Gospel Simplicity. He also had a portion of his most well-known piece titled "True Prayer" read at Northview Church Students to over 100 high schoolers in attendance.


Collin's poem "Optics" was published in the Northwest Indiana Literary Journal. He is a featured author at Carmel Clay Public Library. His books are available at B&N IUPUI, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and wherever books are sold. He has published two books, the first being a poetry and philosophy chapbook titled "Time Eternal". The second book is titled "Blood Stained Mahogany" which is a full-length poetry collection.

In Media

Collin's work has been read over three million times in over 60 countries across the world. Collin also works with other content creators in production, bringing his lifetime impact to over four million people. He has been featured on the blog of bestselling author Steven Colborne's "Perfect Chaos". Collin made an appearance on the "Rewiring The Mind" podcast hosted by Justin Egliskis as well. He was also featured twice in "The Current In Carmel". Collin's work has also been read by Tim Tebow, Aytekin Tank, and many others.

Living to Build Eternity


"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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