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Collin Cooper

Collin Cooper is a Philosopher, Bestselling Author, and the Founder of Philosophical Rambler.

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Philosophical Rambler

Philosophical Rambler is the premier publication at the forefront of the humanities in the 21st century. We promote new writers alongside your favorites, as we work to inspire those who choose to look behind the curtain of mainstream culture.

My Writing


Blood Stained Mahogany (2021)

Blood Stained Mahogany is a full-length poetry collection inspired by the human experience. Using contrast and imagery, the author conjures unique perspectives for those who find themselves reading this collection. With over 170 stunning poems, the reader learns about the world, but more importantly, themselves. Discover a distant past and a future that is not so far away.


#55 and #95 Bestselling

Time Eternal (2021)

Time Eternal is a collection of breathtaking, philosophical, poetic and atmospheric works inspired by daily life and the journey of the mind. With 30 complete works this book will fill you with emotions of nostalgia and wonder. Time Eternal is the debut publication of Collin Cooper.


& Poetry

Hey there, I am Collin. I am a philosopher exploring this incredible world that we live in. Below are some of my achievements since starting my journey in 2021.I am the founder of Philosophical Rambler, one of the most prominent traditionalist publications for the humanities.I am the bestselling author of the poetry chapbook "Time Eternal" which reached #55 on the Amazon Philosophy Aesthetics Chart and #95 on the chart for Philosophy of Good and Evil. The chapbook was sold at Barnes and Noble IUPUI. I am also the author of the poetry collection "Blood Stained Mahogany."I have received over four million views online from over 80 countries, through both PR and Twitter. I have been featured twice in my hometown newspaper "The Current in Carmel"I was the head of digital marketing for "The Tree of Life Mysteries: The Black Cube" by George Stanley. Also, my poem "Optics" was published in the Northwest Indiana Literary Journal.


I am the co-founder of "The Fellowship of The Nativity of St. John The Baptist" the first Western Rite Orthodox mission in French. It is located in Montreal, Quebec.I designed the website you are on currently, as well as the site for Philosophical Rambler, The Fellowship, and the publication "Apologia Anglicana."When I am not studying or playing guitar, I can often be found working on establishing or restructuring digital infrastructure for blogs, publications, or the many other projects that I am involved in for philosophy and theology.