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I have tremendous experience having personally worked with more than 25 people online to solve their critical problems in...- Offer Creation
- Brand Design & Marketing
- Authority Building
- Twitter Growth
- Personal Brand Positioning

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I will design and produce a beautiful website for your brand that will grow your audience, engage your clients, and most importantly...convert.

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"Collin provided exceptional value in optimizing my profile and how to improve my reach and engagement. These were invaluable resources to help me get started on the Twitter game. He certainly over delivered."
Ace Karimi - $35M Real Estate Porfolio & Investor in BeatGig

"Collin is an exceptional individual providing valuable insights into business and effective writing. Most of the time I am skeptical when it comes to someone providing in-depth value, however not this time. Collin managed to enlighten me in the areas involving Twitter and personal growth while helping me grasp the challenges of onboarding clients for my business."
Sebastian Rózga - Twitter Creator with 2k+ Followers

"Collin has been of tremendous help in coaching me in crafting my offer. He gave me ideas on how to I could get started on community building and he pointed me to notable names to reach out to to get more information. His expertise in the Twitter space really shows in his coaching. I was especially pleased when he came to the call with notes on how I could optimise my profile. This shows me he is dedicated to helping whoever he works with."
Bryan Ng - Ghostwriter, Tutor, Community Builder

"Collin has been so helpful during this website-building process. My website is something that I am proud of and it's due to Collin's effort and experience. You won't regret working with him, and I can guarantee the quality of his work."
Justin Egliskis - Twitter Creator With 2k+ Followers, Founder of Egliskis Capital

"In just one meeting, Collin helped me with...setting up a mission statement for my Twitter account, a full personal brand audit, some different services I could sell, and so much more.He also gave advice about my profile picture, banner, newsletter, and website design. I really got the feeling that Collin was seriously listening to me. He asked specifically about my goals and then gave me advice on possible next steps.Finally, he gave many examples from his own practical experience. Extremely valuable!"
Lars ten Dolle - Writer, 1200+ Articles Published

About My Business

Hey there, I'm Collin. I am the guy you come to when you want to escape your boring 9-5 and live free to pursue your purpose.

About My Writing

I enjoy writing philosophy, theology, poetry, interviews, reviews, and business/lifestyle content. My writing has been read over three million times in over 78 countries across the world.You can find my essays on Philosophical Rambler, the publication I founded in 2021, now one of the premier publications at the forefront of traditionalist thought.I am an Amazon "Philosophy Aesthetics" #55 Best Selling Author, as well as a #95 Best Selling Author for the category of "Philosophy of Good & Evil". I have received a certificate in Introductory Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh. I have also been featured twice in my hometown newspaper "The Current In Carmel" My poem "Optics" was published in the Northwest Indiana Literary Journal. My books are available at IUPUI, Amazon, and wherever books are sold. I have published two poetry books, "Time Eternal" and "Blood Stained Mahogany". My most well-known essay titled "True Prayer" was read at Northview Church Students to over 100 high schoolers in attendance.I am proud to list the following as people who have read my work on Twitter or on my publication. Tim Tebow, Aytekin Tank, Steve Poe, Lee Strobel, J. Warner Wallace, Austin Suggs, Dr. Liz McKinnell, Steven Colborne, Christopher Satoor, Anita Leirfall, and Naval, among many others.

Irwin Inn & Gardens in Columbus, Indiana.
My upcoming chapbook was written here.

Living to Build Eternity


"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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